The  Fascist  Genocide  of  Ethiopian  People   1935 - 1941


Pursuant to the International Genocide Convention and the Declaration of Human Rights, and on behalf of the victims and survivors of the Ethiopian Genocide of 1935-1941, the Global Alliance for Justice - the Ethiopian cause seeks an apology from the Vatican along with acknowledgement, equity, justice, and fair compensation for the Ethiopian people from all concerned, and for the UN to rightfully include the genocide of the Ethiopian people in the annals of its historical genocide records and archives, in order that this long-ignored and untold story may be preserved, for a future world humanity.

"The fascist intent was to exterminate all life in Ethiopia."
Emperor Haile Selassie I
June 30, 1936


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Photographs on this site are from the original War crimes pamphlet"Italy's War Crimes in Ethiopia 1935-1941" Written and published in 1946 by Sylvia Pankhurst.
Courtesy of Professor Richard Pankhurst


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Our Cause

Seventy-three years ago, fascist Italy carried out a systematic mass extermination campaign in Ethiopia with poison gas sprayed from airplanes and other horrific atrocities that claimed the lives of no less than 1,000,000 Ethiopian men, women and children, including the entire monastic community at the historic Debre Libanos Monastery ...from that time until now, no fascist Italian has ever been held accountable for the genocide of the Ethiopian people from 1935-1941, nor has the Vatican ever apologized for its complicities which are conveyed by Pope Pius XI's support of Mussolini's "civilising mission" in Ethiopia: The Holy Father remained "conspicuously silent" while Vatican clergy blessed fascist military troops, and their weapons, before they departed to carryout Mussolini's "civilising mission" in Ethiopia. Mysteriously, the details of this horrific atrocity were, and continue to be, stricken from the annals of the world’s history books and United Nations genocide archives until this very day....such historical omissions make it appear as if the fascist genocide of the Ethiopian people never happened; consequently, justice for Ethiopia has remained a fleeting illusion for the past seventy-three years!



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